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200 years of growing in


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what's in the name?

The land where our hemp flourishes is a bicentennial farm.

We are proud to say that our family has been caring for the same land for over two hundred years. Just like our father, grandfather and previous generations before them, we are working the land where our ancestors called home.

This land is our heritage. this farm is our future.

why we grow hemp

Jameson has a rare epilepsy disorder that was causing him to have over 100 seizures annually by the age of five. His mother, Miriah, heard about the use of CBD derived from hemp to help this disorder and tried it. Jameson's seizures stopped. Miraculous stories like these are why we are growing hemp. 

Our first plot is named "Jameson's Garden"


certified organic

& Indiana grown

The highest quality hemp is grown, dried, and processed using only organic methods and materials. Our products are certified organic and Indiana Grown. When you buy Indiana Grown products, you are also supporting job creation and building sustainable communities, while preserving Indiana’s agricultural heritage.

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